About Boogle

Who are we?

Boogle Smart Cycling was founded in 2018, and is located in Deventer. Our company stands for cycling with pleasure at an affordable price; spend less on a quality bike that is actually worth your money.


Why Boogle?

The Boogle Bike models that Boogle Smart Cycling offers are decent, yet modern bikes. Characterized by the use of high-quality materials, every Boogle Bike is guaranteed to be of the best quality available. What’s unique about the bikes is the assembly of the various parts; almost all parts of the bikes have been welded on. For a fixed amount per month, you have the ability to enjoy carefree cycling on a Boogle Basic, Boogle Comfort, Boogle E-bike, or Boogle Speed Pedelec. Should your Boogle Bike need repairing, you can visit one of our 200 service points in The Netherlands. Maintenance and repair is taken care of by Fietsservice Nederland; a service point is always nearby. We will make sure that you are mobile again as soon as possible.