In general

Where are Boogle Bikes available?

Boogle Bikes are available at our Boogle Partners throughout the Netherlands. Check all our Boogle Partners at 'Boogle Stores'.

Is the Boogle Bike that I’ll receive a new one?

We cannot guarantee that you’ll receive a new bike. However, we can guarantee that every Boogle Bike – no matter if it’s been used before – is in great condition. Boogle members with a contract lasting 3 years do always receive a new Boogle Bike on loan at the start of the membership.

Can I adjust my Boogle Bike?

You may adjust your Boogle Bike, on the condition that the adjustments are removable and can be applied and removed without damaging the bike. Adding a bicycle basket or crate with zip ties is off course possible.


How do I order a Boogle Bike?

You can order a Boogle Bike via our website. Simply follow the procedure described in the application form to start the ordering process. Once we receive your order, we will make sure that a bike is available at your selected Boogle Dealer. After delivery, you can enjoy carefree cycling wherever you want on your own Boogle Bike.


What is the minimum contract duration?

  • Boogle Basic                  (3 months)
  • Boogle Comfort            (12 months)
  • Boogle E-bike               (12 months)
  • Boogle Speed Pedelec (12 months)

After the concluded membership period has expired, the membership and rental period are automatically renewed for an indefinite amount of time. A membership that’s been concluded for an indefinite amount of time can be terminated on a monthly base.

Is it possible to change my subscription?

It is always possible to switch between the various subscriptions that Boogle Bike offers. If, for example, you want to switch from a Boogle Basic to a Boogle Comfort subscription, simply contact us, and we will arrange it for you immediately.

Do you use a cancellation period?

After the initial membership period has expired and -  if not cancelled -  extended for an indefinite amount of time, you have the possibility of cancelling your subscription with a cancellation period of 1 month 'calculated from original starting date of your contract.' Your membership will then continue until the end of this cancellation period, in which you can still use your bike whenever and wherever you want!

Cancellation of your contract need to be done online 1 month upfront before ending. Click on the link below for additional information regarding terminating your contract and cancellation period.

- How to terminate your Boogle Membership

Financial information

Is it possible to receive an invoice?

Receiving an invoice is not a problem. Simply contact us and we will ensure that you receive an invoice.

How can I alter my bank details?

We can change your connected IBAN account number at any time, should you need to do so. Log in into your personal account on our website as a 'Boogle Member' and update your account details. Or mail us your new account number and name and we will arrange it for you.

Is it possible to have someone else pay for my membership?

It is possible for someone else to pay for your subscription. We require a signed e-mail from the account holder confirming to us that this person is paying for the subscription on your behalf. We will adjust the data as soon as we receive the e-mail.

I have received a payment reminder. What should I do?

If you receive a payment reminder, it most likely means that the direct debit has failed. You can pay the owed amount via iDeal/Visa/Mastercard or Maestro through the payment reminder. If you are unable to pay the owed amount, contact us, so we can figure out the best possible way to solve the problem.



What happens if my bike breaks down?

Repairs for the Boogle Bikes are free of charge, however, PAY ATTENTION! You must have repairs for the Boogle Bike done at the Boogle Partner at which you collected the Boogle Bike, otherwise repair costs will be charged to your own account. Repairs that are free of charge only include damage caused by regular use of the Boogle Bike, such as: tire, brake, lighting, and/or gear problems. Improper damages, such as a broken saddle, broken pedals, bent mudguards and/or broken off lighting, will be charged to your own account. Repairs to your Boogle Bike will take place within 1-3 business days.

Breakdown assistance for Boogle E-Bike and Speed Pedelec?
Bad luck is unpredictable and can strike at the most inconvenient moments. If you are within a 1 km range from your home you can make use of the Roadside Assistance service. In the event of a breakdown, ENRA Roadside Assistance picks you and the broken Boogle Bike up and takes you to the Boogle Partner at which you collected the bike, so the Boogle Bike can be repaired free of charge. Should you experience troubles with your Boogle Bike and need ENRA Roadside Assistance, you can contact the following phone number: 0570 – 741 988.


Theft or Lost

What happens if my bike gets stolen?

You are obligated to report a stolen or lost Boogle Bike to Boogle Smart Cycling within 24 hours of the incident, hand over the key – if you still have it in your possession – of the Boogle Bike to Boogle Smart Cycling, and report the stolen bike to the police. You will receive a replacement Boogle Bike from Boogle Smart Cycling as soon as the police report has been completed.

In the event that the Boogle Bike gets lost or stolen and you still have the key in your possession to hand over to Boogle Smart Cycling, you owe a deductible.The deductible per Boogle Bike is:
Boogle Basic/Small € 40,-
Boogle Comfort: € 60,-
Boogle E-Bike: € 80,-
Boogle Speed Pedelec: € 100,-

In the event that the Boogle Bike gets lost or stolen and you are NOT able to hand over the bicycle key, you owe a compensation for loss costs.
Loss costs per Boogle Bike are:
Boogle Basic/Small € 340,-
Boogle Comfort: € 570,-
Boogle E-Bike: € 1.230,-
Boogle Speed Pedelec: € 2.470,-

You will receive a replacement Boogle Bike from Boogle Smart Cycling after the payment has been made.

If you lost your bicycle key, click on the link below what to do:

- What to do when bicycle key is lost